Dinner’s in the bag.


No Yolks products are easy to throw in with your favorite classics and versatile enough to twist up the all-too-familiar.

Whether it’s a busy weeknight or holiday gathering, grab a bag of cholesterol-free No Yolks® noodles for a healthy, delicious meal.

Where do I buy these magical noodles?

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Broad Noodles

At 1/4″ wide, our Broad Noodles are a hearty option for dinner. This versatile noodle cooks up light and fluffy for a variety of dishes, from soups and sides to salads and entrees.

Extra Broad Noodles

At 1/2″ wide, our Extra Broad Noodles are great for casseroles and entrées, and make a great alternative in dishes that ordinarily would call for pappardelle or fettuccine.


At almost 1″ wide, our Dumplings are the widest cut available. They are perfect for a rich and full meal; great for casseroles and entrée recipes.

Fine Noodles

Our Fine Noodles are thinly shredded cuts (1/16″ wide) that are perfect for your favorite soup or side dish recipes.

Stir Fry Noodles

These crowd-pleasing stir fry noodles are a rectangular shape and the perfect length for all your favorite stir-fry dishes. But they aren’t just for stir fry night, try them in your favorite soups and stews.

Whole Grain Extra Broad Noodles

At 1/2″ wide our Whole Grain Extra Broad Noodles cook up firm and fluffy like the regular No Yolks® noodles you love, with the whole grain goodness you want.